5 Common Web Hosting Issues

Common Web Hosting Issues

When transitioning your clients’ websites to a new hosting platform, encountering common issues is inevitable. These challenges often revolve around downtime, layout discrepancies, or display issues. Despite some being seemingly straightforward, it’s easy to overlook basic solutions, such as clearing caches. Here’s a guide offering friendly reminders and pro tips when tackling these hosting problems.

1. “I uploaded my website, but I still see a ‘Coming Soon’ page.”

After transferring website files via FTP or SSH, visibility issues may arise. This typically signals:

  • Browser caching outdated content.
  • CDN or host serving a cached site.
  • Uploading to the wrong location.

Pro Tips:

  • Clear your browser’s cache for updated content.
  • Append a unique query (?nocache) to the page path to bypass CDN/host cache.

2. “The changes to my website aren’t displaying.”

Browser or server caching might be at play here. Remember, cache management is crucial.

3. “My website was up, and now it’s down!”

Potential causes:

  • Hosting company downtime.
  • Changes in domain name settings (DNS).

Check your host’s status page or contact them for resolution.

4. “My website doesn’t display any images.”

Possible issues:

  • Failed image uploads.
  • Images in the wrong folder.


  • Re-upload images.
  • Ensure images are in the correct directory.

5. “My website layout looks completely wrong.”

This might happen due to a missing cascading style sheet (CSS) file.


  • Re-upload CSS files.
  • Verify the CSS file’s location and move it accordingly.

Remember, hosting issues vary. For hands-on assistance and advanced support, consider partnering with Media Temple. Contact us to ensure a seamless online experience for your clients’ projects.